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Connecting to your Hosted Apache Solr Core

If you're having trouble connecting to your Hosted Apache Solr search core, please read through these tips to make sure your website is able to connect to our search server properly.

  • Have you entered the information on the Apache Solr Search Integration module settings page exactly as it was in the email we sent you with setup instructions?
  • If you are using legacy IP based authentication, do you know the IP address of your server? If so, be sure we have it so we can allow your website to communicate with our servers securely. Otherwise, consider upgrading to HTTP Basic Authentication.
  • Do you have the right version of the Apache Solr Search Integration module or Search API Solr installed? You should have the latest version of the module, as shown on the project page.
  • If you have been a customer for a long time, and are still using port 8080, try switching to port 80 instead. Hosting providers like Hot Drupal and HostGator block some port 8080 traffic by default, which can cause connection problems.