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Hosted Apache Solr shut down on October 31, 2022. Read this FAQ for more details.

Inexpensive hosted Apache Solr search for Drupal websites.

Apache Solr supercharges your Drupal site's search functionality. With incredibly-fast searching and indexing, faceted search, word stemming, search suggestions, etc., you'll be providing your website's users with the best and fasted search experience possible. More about Apache Solr.

We don't care how big your search index is (within reason!), or how much your on-site search is used—and if your site grows too big for our solution, we'll help you either migrate to your own search server, or find a better service through another company.

Hosted Solr Features

  • Geographically diverse—servers in the US and Europe for low latency
  • Extremely fast indexing and search—much faster than Drupal core
  • Faceted search helps users get exactly the results they want
  • Apache Tika included for indexing attachments (PDF, JPG, and more)
  • Choose the best Solr version for your site - 4.x or 7.x

Requirements for Your Website

  • Must be running a version of Drupal 6, 7, 8, or 9.
  • Web server must be connected to the Internet.
  • Must use Apache Solr Search (Drupal 6/7) or Search API (with Solr, Drupal 7/8/9) module.

Our Solr Servers

All of Hosted Apache Solr's search servers are hosted in secure datacenters on servers with fast processors, SSD storage, and enough RAM to store most index data for extremely fast searches.

Across our infrastructure, the average query time for searches is < 100ms, and most of our customers' servers are located within a short distance of our servers, resulting in < 250ms search round trips for the majority of their search traffic.

What this means for you is that your search is secure, and supercharged! Even though search goes through an external server (and not to a database on your own server), it is generally 5-10x faster to use Hosted Apache Solr than a database-backed search.

Other Solr Services We Offer

If your website has a large amount of content (100,000+ nodes) and lots of traffic (100,000+ searches per day), we recommend you use your own dedicated search server—and we may be able to help you set it up!


Visit the Support section for help with setup or configuration, or account-related questions.

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