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Z - (Deprecated) Adding your server's IP address to your subscription

Warning message

Hosted Apache Solr shut down on October 31, 2022. Read this FAQ for more details.

DEPRECATED: Starting in May 2018, all new subscriptions default to HTTP Basic Authentication rather than IP-based authentication. This documentation only applies to older subscriptions which have not been converted to using HTTP Basic Authentication. If you want to upgrade your legacy subscription, please see the following support document: Switch your subscription from IP to HTTP Basic Authentication.

Once you've paid for a Hosted Apache Solr subscription, your search core will be provisioned on one of Hosted Apache Solr's search servers. Before your website will be able to connect to the search core, you will need to add your server's IP address (or multiple addresses, if you have multiple servers or need access from more than one environment) so Hosted Apache Solr can allow access.

The process is relatively straightforward:

  1. Find your server's public IP address (visit the link for instructions).
  2. Go to your 'My Subscriptions' page on this site (you must be logged in to see it).
  3. Click the 'edit' link next to the subscription.
  4. Add your server's IP address(es) in the appropriate field, and click the Save button.

After you save the changes to your subscription, it may take up to 5 minutes before the Hosted Apache Solr search core is updated with the new IP address(es). Please contact support if you have any trouble getting connected.